Automatic Scratching Brush

Automatic Scratching Brush

– It is proved that the automatic itching brush increases meat and milk production by 10%.
– The benefits of grooming or grooming have long been known, and new technological and scientific data proved to be beneficial to grooming.
– The automatic itching machine is very easy to install. Can be mounted to pipe or wall. Installation in the pipe is recommended.
– It helps to protect the animal from pests such as long hair, dust, soil, dry fertilizers, lice, fleas and ticks.
– It takes the animal’s spot so that the animal does not make uneasy movements. The uneasy animal becomes aggressive and after the itching, a serious calmness is observed in the animal.
– The auto-itching machine plays an important role in the development of the animal by accelerating the blood circulation in the animal.
– The automatic animal scratching brush allows the animal to get rid of the parasites that the animal cannot reach.
– Animal scratching brush works with a 24-hour system. You don’t have to wait at the beginning.
– Our automatic scratching machine works with a touch system.
– The socket to be used must always be grounded. Works with 220 volt city network.
– The Engine in our automatic itching machine is waterproof. But water and snow protection can benefit your machine longer.
– Our automatic scratching machine stops electricity as it stops motion and saves electricity.
– Our automatic pet itching machine turns in the opposite direction in the queuing and saves the trapped tail.
– A brush is ideal for a barn with a capacity of 40 – 50 animals.
– All parts used in the Enderun Automatic Pet Scratch Brush are Italian brand Bonfiglioli and are used with much better quality Metal-Hair Accessories.

Note: The installation of the scratching brush will cause the engine to burn, except for the measurements we will give. The bottom of the brush should be 85 cm. The distance of the brush to the nearest wall or surface must be minimum 120 cm.

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