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Founded in 2010 at BURSA/TURKEY NOSAB Industrial Zone, and started to operate Milking Machines, Dairy Technologies and Farming Equipments, (TMR, Silage Harvester, etc.) under the name of Enderun Sagim Sistemleri ve Tarim Makinalari Ltd.Sti..

Enderun Milking Systems, has established the dealership network in all Turkish Cities and the countries around the World, and continues the Milking Machines and Farm Machines & Equipments production. Our company continues production with the aim of supplying better and innovative products without compromising in quality and by gaining confidence of Farmers and Dealers in Turkey and World.

As Enderun, we continue to work in a more determined and reliable way to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, to provide quality products and services to our customers, to remain the most reliable supplier of our customers.

Our range of products expand day by day as we add new products with the assist of our R&D works, since the establishment of our

Since our establishment, our product and sector range has been renewed by adding new products to our product variety, supported by our R&D studies.
Our company, which does not compromise on quality with its CE and TSE certificates on the machines it manufactures, offers 2 years product warranty for all machinery and spare parts.

We have difference in the World market with our Economic and Quality Machinery & Spare Parts
We realize our production by full compliance of technological innovations, qualified personnel and modern machines. We offer Milking Machines, TMRs, Farm Equipments that we are producing with the names of our patented brands ENDERUN, MILKMACH and UMAY according to customer demands.

Our company has been growing with each passing day, Rubber, Silicone and Plastic Spare Parts and other parts of the machines it manufactures, with its own molds made in CNC Machines, again in the company Rubber Press, Plastic Blowing Machine, Plastic Injection Machine and Hose Extrusion Machine, offers to the customers with food-Grade raw materials.

The company is able to make/remake and produce any kind of molds of special plastic, rubber and silicone materials which are demand of the customer.